Price list

     When you decide that our company is the best choice for your home and lawn you will ask yourself what all of this will cost. You might be thinking that it sounds expensive.


     Each of our customers will receive a customized Care Program Agreement. This will cover all of the elements that go into the creation and maintenance of your lawn. This Care Program Agreement will ensure, you as the customer that all of your needs will be accommodated and your rates will be guaranteed for the calendar year.


     While we would love to publish a price list online for everyone’s viewing pleasure, it just does not make sense. Each one of our customers have housing lots that vary in size and everyone in your neighborhood has different landscaping needs. We calibrate our pricing to meet the needs of your lawn. Some customers have large areas of grass while others have strips or small sections. We cannot in good conscious charge everyone the same amount; some are more while others are less. It is not ethical, we have integrity. Besides we have to live with our decisions at the end of every day.


     Customers love the experience we provide where we come out and customize a new landscaping opportunity, while others just need us to maintain what they have done. We would love the opportunity to help you keep your house looking its absolute best. We will perform above and beyond your expectations and keep your house looking like a home and maintaining your pride. You have spent enough time trying to get it to look beautiful, let us help you keep it looking that way.

Spring Preparations

Power Raking 

 - Yard Clean up

 - Removal of Old Thatch

 - Yard Grooming


Over Seeding 



 - Removal of old Thatch

 - Clean-up of affected Area

 - Application of Seed

 - Application of Top Soil

​Shrub/Bush Shaping 
Shrub/Bush Maintenance
Tree Trimming  

(Low Branches)


Sod Installation


   - Ground Preparation

   - Cutting and placement of Sod




  - Clean-up & preparation of area

  - Top Soil Dirt to level area

  - Weed blocker fabric




 - Delivery

 - Area Preparation

 - Rock Placement

 - Area Clean up



 - Mowing

 - Grass Clipping Collection

 - Edging

 - Trimming

 - Blowing Grass off Driveway/Walkways

 - Clean-up of Curb Appeal

Rock Additions 
Mulch Additions


 - Filling in bare spots

 - Leveling out low areas

Summer Maintenance


Fall Maintenance/Winter Prep Snow Removal


Leaf Removal ... per Tarp (10ft x 10ft)


 - Raking and collection of Leaves

 - Blowing Driveway/Walkways

 - Yard Clean-up/Curb Appeal


Light Gutter Cleaning

Heavy Gutter Cleaning

(With Combination of Other Services)


Snow Removal, 2in min


 - Shoveling of Walkways

 - Snow Blowing Driveways

 - Salt Application in Slippery Areas


Plowing Services for businesses


Tree, Bush Removal  (Dependent upon Size)


About Us


10 years of experience in landscaping,
gardens, Sod, and maintenance.



- Weekly Mowing

- Landscaping

- Fertilization

- Sprinklers

- Power Raking

- Aeration


- And Much More

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