$35 to $45 per yard
Power Raking Service
$50 up to 2,500sqft of grass

This is a very important service that will reduce the amount of water your lawn will need, allowing water to reach the soil with sunlight to promote lawn growth and reduce a mold fungus that develops under thick thatch. This service is only done in March and parts of April. It has to be done while the yard is still dormant and dry from winter.

Aerating your yard is a very important step in creating a great thick lawn for the summer. Aerating is the service where we pull dirt plugs out of your lawn to allow room for root growth and grass expansion. This process also allows spring water from rain, or sprinklers to enter the soil at a deeper level and creates deeper roots for your grass to thrive.

Another note: The thicker your grass becomes, the less weeds you will have.

Over Seeding is an often overlooked service that many do not utilize. It is misunderstood that aeration alone will thicken a lawn. Over time lawns die, grass dies. Over seeding replaces grass that die off and allows new seed to grow in aeration holes which create thick lawns.

Fertilizer is an important addition to making a greener lawn. This service with the aeration and over seeding will guarantee a healthy and green lawn. (Provided proper watering takes place)


     A important note: We use Rich Lawn Organic fertilizers. This is safe for children and pets.

     We also offer Scotts weed and feed products for those homes without pets.

Over Seeding Service
$25 up to 2,500sqft
Fertilizer Service
$25 up to 2,500sqft

Spring is in the Air!!


Lets get some promotions rolling. Spring time is the best time to get on top of your lawn. As experts in the field we have many spring services that will get your lawn going this year. There are four important services that we recommend.


Let's make it a great year.


All four of these services are important for your lawn, for those who call to book services by 3/31/2016 we will offer Power raking for $44.95.


Aeration, Fertilizer, and Over Seeding need to be done at a later time when the ground softens and the grass starts turning green. We are offering all three for $85.00. This is a limited time offer so book service before the deadline which will end 4/30/2016. Gives us a call to reserve your spot.


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