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Professional Lawn Care Service with a Smile and a Freindly person makes all the difference when trusting your home to a service provider company.



We at B&G Lawnscapes are specialists in Lawn Care, we provide services that everyone needs to make their homes look great. We also know that your home is personal. We treat your lawn in the same respect that we treat our own lawns. We promise to provide a lawn care service that is dedicated to helping you, save you time, and also make you a happy customer. Proper lawn care will give any home great curb appeal.


Our company will regularly visit your home to mow your lawn, trim the grass around the edges, egde the grass along the sidewalk, collect all clippings, and blow all remaining grass off your walkways and driveway. As our flagship service we take great pride in making your lawn look great.

Sod Install Service

We provide a quality sod install service that will remove the old turf or landscaping and replace it with a high quality grass that is ideal for our Colorado environment.

Our process:

  • We remove the old turf up to 1.5in deep. This will scrape off all existing grass and clean up around concrete areas.

  • We till in bio-compost dirt into the soil and till up to 4in deep to mix in new nutrients to improve the soil.

  • The new top layer is leveled out and sloped properly to provide positive run off.

  • We lay out the new sod in a pattern to maximize the yard and minimize waste to the shape of the lawn.

  • The lawn is rolled to make the grass flat and help seams.

  • The lawn is thoroughly watered before we leave to ensure that it gets the best start.

  • Adjustments are made to the customers sprinkler control to water 3 times per day for 2 weeks during the rooting process.

  • Area is cleaned and once customer approval is granted we can leave the property.

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