We would like you to be well informed when researching Lawn Care companies. Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions to help.

Why should I choose your company?


  • We only use small lawn mowers with normal residential size wheels. The mowers we use have a normal deck size of 21 inches up to 30 inches wide. This means less wear and damage to your lawn and property.


  • A live person will answer the phone, and if you do happen to get our message system during business hours 8am to 6pm we guarantee a phone call back to you within 30 minutes. If you leave a message after hours we will get back to you the next business day.


  • We don’t force you to go to our website to communicate with us; we WANT to talk to you! If it is more convenient for you to chat with us on the internet you may do so on Facebook, email, or visit our website. Whatever works for you!


  • We schedule your home for a certain day of the week, Monday through Friday. We will show up to mow on the same set day every week. This gives a level of consistency and beauty to your lawn and home. The only exception is a rain or holiday delay.  


  • Need us to come back for any reason, our team will come back and fix anything that isn’t to your satisfaction.


When is the lawn service season?


  • We begin services as soon as your lawn starts growing and turning green in the spring. This usually happens in April and continues through the end of October. We will start mowing customer lawns when we notice growth and continue services until the season ends.


Do you work on holidays?


  • Think of us like the trash company. While we are off during pre-set holidays, we will come by your house the following day. If your scheduled day lands on a holiday you can expect us the very next day. We will return to a normal schedule the following week.


  • Most of our customers are not working and are home during holidays. We want to respect this time off and will not interrupt it by showing up and making noise.





What form of payment do you accept?


  • We accept major credit cards for payment. We prefer to not accept cash or checks. Cash payment is something that is not traceable, but will accept it if it is the best form of payment for a customer.


  • Checks are accepted when paying for services. We send the invoice in the 1st of each month.



What services do you offer?


  • Please see the list of services on the rate sheet section of the website. We will be happy to provide a rate sheet when we visit your house for a pre service consultation.



How do you guarantee rates for the services?


  • At B&G Lawnscapes we offer services through an Annual Care Program. We will come to your house and evaluate your needs and prepare a program for your home. We will base pricing on your lot size and services needed. This price is then printed out in a contract so you as the customer know what to expect in each month's billing.


  • This is a full service annual contract that includes weekly lawn care, shrub/ bush maintenance, tree trimming, aeration, fertilization, and overseeing.

If I don’t want services for the whole season, how do I cancel?


  • You will need to call the office and/or give us written notice on when you would like to stop service. Please note that our service is continuous. We will return each year unless you notify us in writing or by phone of your desire to discontinue service.


  • We do ask customers to stay with us for at least 4 weeks. We want the opportunity to improve your lawn and fix any problems areas to earn your business. This customization period allows the grass to green in possible dead areas, cleans up areas of your lawn to improve curb appeal, and creates a service that is made to your specifications. After the four week commitment, you may cancel at any time.

Do you use illegal immigrants?


  • No, all employees are legal and speak English. This allows the customer to communicate with the employees if needed.

What should I do with my pets?


  • Dogs are easy if they are inside dogs, or are friendly and won’t mind us in the yard, it’s up to you. We have dogs at our houses and are used to them being around. We leave this to your discretion. We highly recommend that you make other arrangements for your pets on your scheduled service day. The lawn technicians do their best to keep gates closed, but we do not assume responsibility. We do ask that you clean up after your pets the day before your mow day as a courtesy to our crew members.

How does B&G Lawnscapes handle property damage caused by the crew?


  • Please call the office as soon as you find the problem so we can identify the source of the problem and document a solution. It’s important that you call within 24 hours of your last mowing. If damage was caused by our crew we will make the repair for you.


  • If we damage something that is obvious and is immediately fixable such as a sprinkler head we will replace it on the spot and let you know about it. For other damages the office will contact you to advise of the situation and provide solutions on how to repair.

What is the best method to communicate my special requests or issues?


  • Please call the office and we can schedule a time for someone to come out and look at what you would like done.

What if I am unhappy with my last mowing (or) I don’t think the crew mowed?


  • Customer service is our number one priority. We value this so much we put it in our slogan on our truck and our crews shirts. If you see something that is not right or we have not come by on our scheduled day please call.


  • The only reasons we would not come by on the prescheduled day is either there was a holiday that week and we are trying to catch up or the truck broke down and we are not able to physically get there. Either way we will still get to your home to take care of our responsibilities.

Do I have to mark my sprinkler heads for the aeration?


  • Yes, it does help if sprinkler heads are marked to prevent unwanted damage. Please mark your sprinklers the evening before your scheduled service after we send out the service reminder. Flags are available at hardware stores. In a pinch, you can mark them with a plastic utensil or something that will make it noticeable for us.  We mainly need to know where the middle of the yard sprinkler heads are. The edge sprinklers are sometimes more noticeable.


  • Although we will do our best to avoid hitting sprinklers; Damage caused by unmarked heads are not covered under property damage replacement noted above.

Should I water my lawn before the aeration?


  • Try to water your lawn for at least 15 minutes the day before your appointment.  This will help the machine pull deeper plugs.

Do I need to be home for the aeration?


  • You do not need to be home for this service. This will be done on the same mowing day that we prescheduled.

Is your fertilizer kids and pet friendly?


  • We use Revive organic fertilizer products.  These products are safe for kids and pets, but please keep your kids and pets out of the fertilizer area for at least 24 hour to be safe.

Do I need to water after my lawn is fertilized?


  • Please water your lawn sufficiently immediately after it is fertilized. When you water after we fertilize the granules in the fertilizer break down and reach the soil. After the lawn dries you can allow pets and kids back on to the lawn.













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